Republican Officials Turned Beggars

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Unflinching Loyalty Meets Complete Indifference in Washington

Republican Senator Rob Portman and Republican Congressman Bob Latta
These two guys? They don’t care.

Winning is supposed to bring benefits. As local Republicans are discovering, there are exceptions to that rule. This is particularly true when gerrymandering makes a mockery of our Democracy. When there is little competition of ideas, stagnation results, as local elected officials lose all leverage when it comes to the concerns and well being of their constituents.


At What Point Does It All Become Too Much?


Rolling back Medicaid expansion threatens the financial health of rural hospitals, and will place important programs fighting the opioid epidemic at risk of elimination. This rollback is opposed by both Republican Senator Rob Portman and our Republican Governor John Kasich, but Washington doesn’t care. It’s likely to happen anyway.


The Great Lakes Restoration project is under threat of elimination in Trump’s most recent budget proposal. Over $200 million has been provided to Ohio since 2011 to aid cleanup efforts and help restore wetlands. A good chunk of those federal dollars have been directed towards cleaning up the Maumee river, generating local jobs in the process and helping to ensure fishing and other recreational activities remain safe and available to local residents. Even though the Governors of Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin are all Republicans who desperately want these cleanup efforts to continue, again, Washington doesn’t seem to care.


Officials from the county seat of Napoleon travelled to Washington during the first week of March as part of a delegation organized by Amp, Inc. Napoleon Mayor Jason Maassel, councilman Travis Sheaffer and Patrick McColley, and city manager Joel Mazur met Republican Representative Bob Latta, Republican Senator Rob Portman, and the staff of Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown. Their goal was to voice these and other area concerns, and to hopefully come home with an idea of what to expect from their colleagues in Washington.


They came home with nothing.


No Reason for Republicans to Care


Republican Senator Portman handedly won re-election this past November. Our Republican Congressman Bob Latta has served since 2007, and is so confident in winning re-election every two years that he barely leaves Washington. When there is no pressure whatsoever to meet with regular voters and actually deliver on any kind of promise, the natural result is exactly what is happening. We are being ignored by those elected to represent us in Washington.


Ultimately, as voters, it’s on us to change this reality. We can make Henry County competitive again. We just need you to step up and help.