Do you enjoy talking politics? Would you like to discuss strategy? Are you interested in making a difference in your own community?

Then join your fellow Democrats!

We meet every third Tuesday of the month at UFCW Local 75 office on the corner of Oakwood and Northcrest, across the street from Oakwood Park - 115 Northcrest Dr Napoleon, OH 43545


For the exact date of our next meeting, check our events page on Facebook:


What to Expect

You can expect a friendly welcome. You may even see someone you know. Folks often arrive a little early (or the meeting may start a little late) in order to socialize. Once the meeting starts, it is typically conducted as follows:

  • A call to order followed by the pledge of allegiance.
  • Previous meeting minutes are then distributed.
  • Committees may report on recent activities or initiatives.
  • Plans for upcoming events are discussed.
  • And then, a general discussion follows about the going-ons in Henry County.
  • Sometimes, an elected official or invited guest may speak or give a short presentation.

At any time, guests and Democratic Party members can ask questions, make comments, and offer ideas. We are always seeking to grow our network throughout the county, and we hope that you will join us, and perhaps bring a friend.