‘NO!’ to Judge Gorsuch

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Contact Senators Portman & Brown – Until the Rule of Law is Restored, No One Should Be Elevated to the Supreme Court

We expect Senator Portman to do Trump’s bidding. As demonstrated by the weakness he showed when it came to protecting the Great Lakes Initiative, and the local funding that went with it, Portman rarely possess a backbone. Now more than ever, he needs to know that voters are paying attention to his lack of morals. Call him today.

Tell Senator Portman to Vote 'No' on Gorsuch

To his credit, Senator Brown has made clear his disdain for Trump’s rampant corruption and the Republican Party’s inability to govern competently. He needs to know that he has our support. Call Senator Brown today and tell him to resist everything that Trump’s compromised White House aims to do, including Judge Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Tell Senator Brown to Vote 'No' on Gorsuch

Gorsuch Also Opposes Basic Worker Rights

The number one job title in Ohio as of 2014 is ‘Truck, delivery and tractor drivers.’ Drivers of various kinds represent a very common job here in Henry County. So it’s worth noting, as reported by the Denver Post, that this is something Gorsuch thinks was just fine for a company to do:

TransAm Trucking driver Alphonse Maddin stopped on a wintry night after the trailer’s brakes froze. His torso went numb after waiting three hours in an unheated cabin for roadside assistance. A boss ordered him to not abandon the cargo. But Maddin, fearing for his health, unhitched the trailer and drove off. TransAm promptly fired him for disobeying an order.

That’s just the beginning of Gorsuch’s anti-worker and pro-corporate opinions and rulings. Not only must anything and everything coming out of Trump’s White House be questioned until the Russian investigation is resolved, Gorsuch is demonstrably bad for workers in Henry County and throughout America.


Call Senators Portman & Brown today – tell them ‘No’ on Gorsuch