When German Immigrants were The Uninvited

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Local History Continues to Resonate

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Henry County was once settled by many of the same Germans who worked to build the Miami and Erie Canal. What is not as well remembered is that many Americans would have preferred these newly arrived German immigrants, including many of our own local ancestors, to just leave once the hard work of building the canal was finished.

Consider these two events, both occurring in 1843

“The Miami and Erie Canal was finished in 1843, along with political unrest in Europe. This brought the first wave of German immigrants to [Henry] county, placing an external stamp upon the ethnic makeup of the communities.”
Source: http://www.henrycountyohio.com/history.htm


“…German Catholic immigration was opposed…by the Nativist/Know Nothing movement, originating in New York in 1843…”
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/…/History_of_immigration_to_the_Un…


As American values again come into question, it is important to remember our own collective history. We are all immigrants in the land of the free.