47,835 in the 5th District May Lose Healthcare

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You Likely Know Someone at Risk in Henry County

Back when Obamacare was implemented, The Kaiser Family Foundation took on the task of putting together how many folks enrolled through the new exchanges. They tracked every zip code in each congressional district.


Using this information, the well respected acasignups.net put together how many people are at risk of losing their Obamacare insurance. The site has also kept track of Medicaid expansion enrollment, and the number of folks set to lose their Medicaid insurance as well.



Within that number are fathers, mothers, grandparents, the elderly, the infirm, the desperately poor – people who were given a lifeline, a chance to heal, the possibility to beat addiction, a relief from the worry that comes with pre-existing conditions, the ability to stay on your parent’s health insurance at the moment you’re just starting out in life. Hope.



In the middle of an opioid epidemic that is forcing morgues in the state of Ohio to scramble for extra space, the medicaid expansion that we so urgently need is being taken away. What do the rest of us get? An increase in costs. What do rich folks get? A tax cut.



That number does not actually include people paying full price, and who could likely afford to pay for a private plan all on their own. These are real people, your actual family, friends and neighbors, here in Henry County and throughout the 5th district, who will likely lose health insurance under Trumpcare.



When this many folks are set to suffer, we are all perfectly justified to call out evil for what it is. All of us need to call Bob Latta, TODAY, and tell him how unacceptable this effort to hurt those already suffering is to you.

47,835 set to lose healthcare - call Bob Latta